Course guidelines for first semester 2022

The UJCI has released its course guidelines for the online teaching of Mandarin for the first semester of 2022. This will comprise credit courses in Basic Mandarin and Intermediate Mandarin (open to UJ students only), and HSK Chinese language proficiency courses 1-6 (open to all, including UJ students and staff). Applications for credit courses (Basic Mandarin and Intermediate Mandarin) will start on 17 January 2022 and close on 11 February 2022. Applications for HSK Mandarin courses has opened and will also close on 11 February 2022. Read more >>

To download the comprehensive course guidelines, including application and registration procedures, click on the button below.

Opening New Horizons: South Africa-China Tourism Cooperation

ON WEDNESDAY 4 August 2021, the UJCI,  in collaboration with the UJ Centre for Africa-China Studies and the UJ School of Tourism and Hospitality (STH), hosted a Virtual International Forum titled ‘South Africa-China Tourism Cooperation: Opening New Horizons’. Read more >>

The COVID-19 pandemic is our common enemy’

On 10 April 2020, a group of African ambassadors in China lodged an official protest with the Chinese authorities about the treatment of Africans living in the commercial city of Guangzhou in Guangdong Province as a result of COVID-19 restrictions. In an article in Africa China Review on 13 April 2020, Prof J. Alexander Nuetah, a Liberian scholar who has lived and studied in China, says he believes the reported incidents neither reflect the general attitudes of Chinese towards Africans nor an official policy of Chinese authorities towards Africans in the fight against COVID-19. Read more >>

Freedom Day message

South Africa has celebrated Freedom Day 2020 under challenging circumstances. For a message of support and solidarity from a member of our Chinese staff at the UJCI, click here.

UJCI students star in Chinese Bridge competition

Two UJCI students starred in the final round of the 19th Chinese Bridge Competition for South African students which was held online on 6-7 May. Read more >>


Winter camp 2018

UJCI students reflect on their experiences during the Confucius Institute Winter Camp in December 2018. Read more >>

Summer camp 2018

UJCI students write about their experiences in China during the Confucius Institute Summer Camp in September 2018. Read more >>


Why study Mandarin?

Given South Africa’s burgeoning ties with China, there is a growing need for South Africans to learn to speak, read and write Mandarin. Read more >>

Bursaries to study in China

Advanced students in Mandarin at the UJCI are eligible for bursaries enabling them to further their studies in China. Information to follow.

Current courses

The UJCI offers accredited courses in Basic and Intermediate Mandarin, as well as preparatory courses in HSK Mandarin I – IV. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all tuition is currently taking place online. Read more >>