Why study Mandarin?

SOUTH AFRICA’s membership of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) Alliance has resulted in a number of commercial, trade, industrial, scientific, academic, political and social agreements and exchanges, with China in particular becoming an major partner. As a result, there is growing need for South Africans active in different spheres to learn to speak, read and write Mandarin.

To this end, the UJCI offers courses in Mandarin at different proficiency levels. Closer collaboration between South Africa and China also requires a better understanding of Chinese culture. Therefore, the UJCI also offers a number of cultural courses and hosts a range of events aimed at promoting an appreciation of Chinese culture. Being able to communicate in Mandarin will open up opportunities for UJ students to study in China. Given the number of MOUs and MOAs that UJ have entered into with a number of universities in China, this will also enable smoother communication between UJ and Chinese academics.