UJCI Programmes

Advanced students in Mandarin at the UJCI will be eligible for bursaries to further their studies in China.

The UJCI administers the following programmes:

Mandarin courses

The UJCI provides Chinese language courses at the primary, intermediate and advanced levels, including business Chinese, tourist Chinese and scientific Chinese, for UJ staff and students; primary and secondary school students in UJ’s feeder areas; businesses, other organisations and government departments; and members of the public.

Cultural courses

The UJCI offers courses in various Chinese cultural activities, including Chinese calligraphy, paper-cutting, Chinese chess, Chinese Tai Chi, Chinese martial arts, Chinese tea art, and Chinese medicine.

Cultural exchange

The UJCI promotes cultural exchanges between South Africa and China by organising various cultural events.

Academic activities

The UJCI organises academic activities involving Chinese language research and Chinese studies in different fields in order to promote comprehensive co-operation between the UJ, the NTU, and other universities in China.

Summer / winter camps in China

The UJCI organises annual summer/winter camps in China for students in Mandarin who wish to visit China and experience Chinese culture.

Chinese Bridge competition

The UJCI organises an annual Chinese Bridge Competition for Mandarin students from all over the country. The winner will be invited to attend the semi-finals and finals in China. Thus far, the UJCI has produced two winners, in 2017 and 2018.

HSK Tests

The UJCI organises HSK tests for Mandarin students. When students reach a certain level, they will be able to apply for Hanban scholarships to further their education in China.

Teacher training

The UJCI trains Chinese language instructors, arranges visits to China for school principals and education officials, and provides information and consultative services about Chinese education and culture.