Founding agreement

Prof Ihron Rensburg, UJ Vice-Chancellor, and Prof Huang Wei, NTU President, signing the implementation agreement in Beijing.

​IN July 2014 the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Johannesburg, Prof Ihron Rensburg, signed an agreement with Nanjing Technological University and Hanban to establish a Confucius Institute at the University of Johannesburg. In terms of the agreement, the UJ CI will:

  • Provide Mandarin courses (introductory, intermediate and advanced) for UJ staff and students, businesses, other organisations, government departments, and the general public
  • Establish CI classrooms in primary and secondary schools in UJ’s feeder areas
  • Promote Chinese culture by organising cultural events​
  • Organise academic activities involving Chinese language research and Chinese studies
  • Organise exhibition​s, performances, movies and contests which promote Chinese language and culture
  • Administer the HSK test, a standardised international exam which tests the Chinese language proficiency of non-native Chinese speakers
  • Encourage principals of schools to visit China
  • Encourage participation in the Chinese Bridge programme.