Wushu Club

Established in 2017, the UJCI Wushu Club is the first club of its kind at any South African university. Wushu is a form of exercise based on traditional Chinese martial arts. The purpose of the club is to improve body strength and health, provide practitioners with a self-defence capability, and promote Chinese wushu. It is also aimed at testing at piloting a new approach to teaching wushu at foreign universities.

Prof Du, the chief coach at the UJCI Wushu Club, is a Professor of Nanjing Tech University, and a national-level wushu referee in China. Other teachers and students with wushu teaching experience will assist Prof Du to help students master basic wushu skills in a short period. Members will improve their fitness and health, learn to defend themselves, amd make new friends at the same time.

Through daily training, wushu communication and wushu performance, the UJCI Wushu Club intends to expand the influence of wushu, promote Chinese wushu culture, and raise awareness of wushu at UJ.

There are two groups in the UJCI Wushu Club – a fitness group and an athletics group. Each group has its own training times and venues. They meet three to four times a week, and train for three hours. Every member has a chance to be selected as a representative of this club in order to perform at UJ or elsewhere.

Members of the fitness group will learn Taijiquan, and how to use the Chinese traditional martial arts apparatus. The athletics group is mainly aimed at learning basic wushu skills as well as the third international competition routines, including Changquan, Nanquan, sword, broadsword, spear and cudgel. Practitioners who train regularly will have the opportunithy to attend Wushu performances and competitions at home and abroad.

Attendance of daily training is recorded. Members will assemble every semester to arrange the training schedule, and elect outstanding instructors, members and working groups. Those members and groups will receive certificates.

When does training take place?

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 5 pm to 7 pm.

Where does training take place?

UJCI,  9 Molesey Avenue, Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

Who can register for training

Eny one who would like to learn the Chinese martial arts.

How much does it cost?

No fees are payable initially. However, once the number of trainees reach 50 people, they will need to pay a R100 registration fee.

Will clothing be provided?

Fitness group: Members of the fitness groups will need to proviee their own clothing and shoes.

Athletics group: Members of the athletics group will initially need to p;rovbide their own clothes and shoes. Once they achieve a certain level of attendance, and a certain level of proficiency, uniforms and shoes will be provided.

What training will be provided?

Fitness group: This group is mainly aimed at teaching Taiji quan and Chinese traditional martial art equipment. Its purpose is to discipline the mind and strengthen strengthen physical health.

Athletics group: This group is aimed at teaching basic martial arts skills and learning the third international competition routines, including Chang quan, Nan quan, broadsword, sword, spear, and cudgel. Members will be able to participat in wusu competitions in South Afric and abroad.

What are the criteria for entrance to the fitness group or athletics group?

There are no physical criteria for jonining the fitness group. The athletics group requires certain physical qualities, such as running and jumping. Prospective members need to run 800 metres in a certain time, and meet certain standards in distance jumping and high jumping.

Enquiries and registration: please contact Ms Guguthu Nkosi on gugulethun@uj.ac.za / 011 559 7503.

To download a copy of the UJCI Wushu Club Brochure, click here.