Essay contest for South African university students

The Chinese Embassy in South Africa is sponsoring an essay-writing contest for all registered students at South African universities.


The theme of the contest is: The thoughts of the president of China, Xi Jinping, through the eyes of South African university students.


Substantial prizes are on offer. They are:

Chinese Ambassador’s Award: one person, R30 000

  • First Prize: two persons, R20 000 each
  • Second Prize: two persons, R15 000 each
  • Third prize: two persons, R10 000 each
  • Encouragement prize: all other contestants

The prizes will be handed over in cash at the award ceremony.


The prizes will be awarded at a ceremony held in November at the Chinese Embassy at 225 Athlone Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0083. The date will be confirmed.

All prize winners will be invited to attend. The ceremony will also be attended by senior officials from the Department of Higher Education and Training as well as from South African universities.


Suggested topics include:

  • China’s National Governance System
  • Poverty Eradication
  • Harmony between Humanity and Nature
  • High-Quality Cooperation in the Belt and Road Initiative
  • High-Quality Cooperation in BRICS
  • Global Development Initiative
  • Global Security Initiative
  • Building a Community of a Shared Future


Xi Jinping, The Governance of China, Volumes 1, 3 and 3. Copies can be collected at the UJCI, 9 Moseley Avenue, Auckland ark, Johannesburg 2006. Please contact Mr Feng Tao at



A seminar on ‘Learnining Xi Jinping’s thoughts from Chinese Classics’ will he held at the UJCI on Monday 22 August 2022. The presenter will be the UJCI’s Co-Director, Prof Li Baosheng.

Date: Monday 22 August 2022

Time: 14:00 – 15:30

Address: UJCI, 9 Molesey Avenue, Auckland Park, Johannesburg 2006


Essays must be received by 10 September. There is no restriction on their length.

Essays by students at the University of Johannesburg must be sent to


From 10 to 15 September, essays will be evaluated by a judge’s panel, en the winners will be selected. The Embassy will also select some essays for publication in October to November 2022.


Rights to publish and reprint the essays will be vested in the sponsor. Contestants are deemed to have understood and accepted the relevant regulations of and requirements for this contest.

Entries that do not meet the requirements – such as irrelevant themes, or late submissions – will not be eligible for evaluation.


To download an invitation from the UJCI, click here.

To download a poster with more information, click here.

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