UJCI Wushu Club member stars in African championship

On 24 July in Benin, a member of the UJCI Wushu Club, Baimei (Megan Cruickshank), came second in Taolu Nanquan and second in short weapons in the 6th African Wushu Championship. Athletes from 11 African countries attended the competition. Baimei represented South Africa, and her achievement has made all the members of the UJCI Wushu Club happy and excited.

On 29 July, the South Africa Wushu Federation (SAWF) National & Open Wushu Championship & Trials were held in Johannesburg. More than one hundred competitors from ten wushu groups participated. Wushu experts from Beijing Sport University and Shenyang Sport University in China gave wushu demonstrations.

Three members of the UJCI Wushu Club took part in this competition, and all of them achieved good results. Kaiwen (Kevin) came first in the traditional Taijiquan (yang style) for the male group, and third in the traditional long apparatus. Jiahui (Taryn) came first in the traditional Taijiquan (yang style) for the female group, and Baimei (Megan) came second in the traditional long apparatus for the female group. All these students trained really hard during their vacation.

The UJCI Wushu Club was  only established in April 2017, but under the leadership of coach Prof Du and his team it has achieved great success in a short time. More than 300 people have registered as members, which has given the development of wushu in Johannesburg a big boost.


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